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Panther Project Group

We are certified diabetes educators, clinicians, and research staff at
the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes located in Aurora, Colorado (

We have over 110 collective years of diabetes experience, with 59 years of personal Type 1 Diabetes experience among us.

Our passion is to use our experience and expertise in diabetes technology to clinicians and individuals living with diabetes.

Team Mission Statement

To leverage our experience with emerging diabetes technology.
To create relevant and accessible resources for clinicians, engineers, and people living with diabetes.

PANTHER Director

Laurel H. Messer, RN, PhD, CDE

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Our Team
Laurel H. Messer, RN, PhD, CDE Robert Slover, MD
Gregory Forlenza, MD, MS Cari Berget, RN, MPH, CDE
R. Paul Wadwa, MD Brigette Frohnert, MD, PhD
G. Todd Alonso, MD Samantha Lange, RN, CDE
Emily Boranian, RN Emily Jost, RD, CDE
Lindsey Towers, BS Alex Rossick-Solis, BS
Estella Escobar, BS Taisa Kushner
Sriram Sankaranarayanan, PhD